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MOM "ACT Against Scams" Campaign

Scams are on the rise all around the world. Even our little red dot is not exempt from the predations of scammers. Many ongoing campaigns are in place to educate Singaporeans and teach them to identify and avoid scams. But what about the maids - or Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) - who live and work here?

As more MDWs fall prey to scams, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) wanted to roll out an awareness campaign specially for MDWs. The goal is to inform them about the most common scams affecting MDWs in Singapore, teach them to look out for the modus operandi of various scams, and help them learn to avoid such scams.

We worked together with MOM to launch a micro-influencer campaign, where content creators from Indonesia and the Philippines would alert their fellow countrymen - especially those working as MDWs in Singapore - to the dangers of scams. These entertaining yet educational videos were posted across TikTok on the content creators' pages as well as MOM's owned platforms.

Facebook posts were created to raise further awareness.

Out-of-home adaptions were also launched islandwide in Singapore, in the areas most frequented by MDWs. They featured local languages (like Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog, Tamil, Hindi and Burmese) as well as English copy to facilitate readability and understanding amongst the various MDW communities.


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