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MOM "Make Safety Your Priority" Campaign

The brief:

The Ministry of Manpower wanted to remind Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore to work safely.

The challenge:

How do we reach out to two very different target audience groups - Migrant Domestic Workers and their empowers?

Our approach:

We worked closely with MOM to understand the profile of each target audience group, and developed a series of publicity efforts on out-of-home and digital platforms. These included short videos, digital posters and bus stop shelter ads. The goal is to remind both groups to be mindful of the right protocol when it comes to things like cleaning windows, preventing slips and falls, and hanging laundry from high-rise buildings.

We used an infographic style approach with a simple, easy-to-understand copy style to ensure that the message reaches our target audiences, regardless of language barriers.

Check out our work below!

This is Phase 1 of a larger campaign, so stay tuned for more creatives in time!


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