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MOM "Seek Help" Video Campaign

Imagine how helpless you might feel when you encounter difficult problems while far away from home. This is a common predicament for many Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) here in Singapore.

Hence, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rolled out an awareness campaign to inform MDWs that help is available, and encourage them to proactively seek help if they need it.

Gosh created 3 live action videos for the campaign, depicting 3 of the most common problems faced by MDWs, namely:

  1. Employment issues, such as late payment of salary

  2. Physical well-being issues, such as receiving insufficient food and rest

  3. Mental well-being issues, such as stress from financial troubles

The videos resonates with MDW, echoing their emotions and struggles, and culminates with a strong call to action to seek help. Check out two of them below!

Late or unpaid salary

Insufficient food and rest


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