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SPF Recruitment - Social Media Campaign

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is running a social media campaign to create awareness about SPF careers, engage followers, showcase a wide array of attractive job opportunities, and encourage interested applicants to join the force.

Gosh was involved from campaign conceptualisation through to content planning and generation, with informative posts about job openings, scholarship opportunities and career progression pathways; thrilling on-the-job stories; inspiring quotes; and video interviews with real police officers.

With the aspirational campaign tagline -- "Be a Proctector" -- it hopes to draw in the next generation of SPF officers who will give their all to serve and protect Singapore.

The campaign ran for three months, from June to August 2022. Check it out below!

We kickstarted the campaign on June 3, in conjunction with Police Day 2022.

This video highlights the remarkable work done by police office each and every day, and urges those who feel the same calling to join the SPF and Be a Protector.

We also created a series of up close and personal posts and IG Story interviews, to share first-hand on-the-job stories and other exciting tidbits from real police officers in the SPF!

Other posts featured specific and exciting job roles within the force, from the Airport Police Division to Criminal Investigation Department (CID), K9 Unit and Security Command!

We concluded the campaign with an impactful video montage underscoring why it is important and meaningful to Be a Protector in the Singapore Police Force.


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