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Public Transport Council - 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

The annual Public Transport Customer Satisfaction Survey (PTCSS) is commissioned by the Public Transport Council (PTC) with the aim to understand commuters' expectations and needs, as well as to identify areas for improvement.

In 2019, PTC surveyed nearly 5,000 commuters to gauge satisfaction levels with the public transport here in Singapore. We worked with them to design informative infographics, which tell the story of a typical commuter in Singapore. These infographics were posted on the PTC social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, sharing the survey results with the public in an engaging manner.

Check out the Facebook and Instagram posts below!

Satisfaction with Public Transport Services

In our first round of posts, we covered customer satisfaction with MRT and bus services, spanning the experience with attributes such as waiting times, service reliability and availability of information, comfort, accessibility and more.

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Satisfaction with Point-to-Point Services

In the next round, we covered customer satisfaction with point-to-point transport services such as taxis and private-hire vehicles. This survey factored in attributes such as ease of booking and the driver's knowledge of routes.

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