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PA E-Learning @ Virtual CCs

To curb transmission during the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, the government first suspended all courses and group activities for seniors from 11 to 24 March 2020. It then extended this suspension to all group activities from 27 March to 30 April 2020. As result, the People's Association (PA) rushed to convert their programmes for online live-streaming via Facebook Live, so as to continue engaging their participants while practising responsible social distancing.

The team at gosh! worked closely with PA to roll out a series of vibrant launch posts and daily social media content to inform seniors, the Merdeka Generation and the wider public of the upcoming classes.

The posts were shared on multiple Facebook channels, including @PASeniorAcademy, @MGsWanted and @PAcourses. Check out some of our work below!

We created a series of launch posts, class schedules and daily updates on classes to look out for.

There were 6 classes a day, covering categories such as Fitness, Language, Arts & Crafts, Cooking and more! Here's a peek at a full day's worth of classes lined up for Tuesday, 31 March.

A colourful assortment of posts for the classes on Wednesday, 1 April.

This project is still ongoing and we'll continue to update this page with more highlights from the job! Check back again soon!


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