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NUS Lifelong Learners Programme

The National University of Singapore - or NUS for short - is one of the top universities in Singapore and Asia! But for many people, it was not top-of-mind as the institution for continuous education.

That's where we came in! Together with the university, we've come up with a social media campaign with two key objectives:

  1. Position NUS at the top-of-mind institution for lifelong learning - one that will support continuous personal and professional development

  2. Raise awareness amongst NUS alumni to tap on their eVoucher, which will allow them redeem non-subsidised modules for free

The main takeaway from the campaign is that continuing education with NUS will bring A Jump in Knowledge, A Leap in Opportunities! We transformed this line into an iconic tagline, with accompanying animation and voiceover to boost its impact and increase top-of-mind recall.

Check out the animated videos we developed for the campaign below. They range from raising awareness about select courses and modules under specific NUS schools and faculties, to timely reminders about the application window.

Raising awareness among NUS alumni - one of the key target audiences for the campaign.

Announcing that applications are now open!

Promoting statistics courses from Asia's #1 University in Statistics.

Showcasing Green Energy courses from the School of Engineering

Highlighting the important social impact of the School of Social Sciences.

Emphasising NUS's professional certs that can help students unlock further career prospects.

A timely reminder - applications are closing soon!


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