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NKF Healthy Mondays

NKF Healthy Monday Posters

NKF Healthy Mondays posters remind Singaporeans to start their week off healthy! Can you count the number of kidneys that appear in each poster?

'Healthy Mondays' is a Community Education initiative by the National Kidney Foundation, with the objective of nurturing healthy eating habits and active lifestyles in the Singaporean public. By encouraging healthier choices, the initiative aims to help prevent the occurrence of kidney disease and other chronic illnesses.

The posters were illustrated by us, and each one comes with a simple tip or reminder - to make healthier choices for healthier kidneys, and better overall health.

'Healthy Kidneys, Fabulous Life' brochure

We also designed this brochure, which was disseminated to participating organisations to help them cultivate a culture of health and wellness in their schools, companies and respective organisations.


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