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Hawker Centres Traditional Snacks Initiative

Hawker centres around Singapore will soon be sporting snack kiosks, selling local snacks such as Muah Chee, Putu Piring, Kacang Puteh, kuehs, Rojak and Popiah. This is part of efforts to sustain hawker culture in Singapore.

As kiosks of different designs and sizes begin popping up around across the island, the National Environment Agency (under Hawker Centres Group) decided to develop logo that would serve as a unifying visual element, reflecting the rich heritage and diversity of local traditional snacks, and informing the public that these kiosks are all under the same programme.

Gosh designed a fun, energetic and nostalgic-themed logo which brings back fond memories of these traditional snacks. Check it out below!

'Traditional Snack' kiosk logo

Conceptual application

Mockup of logo application


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