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Careers Connect Conversational Ads

Careers Connect works with individuals to guide them in their career journey, from job searching through to interviewing, career switches, continuous learning, and more. But how can Careers Connect consistently reach out and help job seekers?

Gosh worked closely with Workforce Singapore (WSG) to develop a triaging campaign for Careers Connect. The goal was to probe deeper into the reasons why job seekers may not be enjoying success in their job search or career journey, encourage self-reflection and instill in them the confidence to make the right choice for their careers.

This was the inspiration for the campaign tagline: Find confidence, find your next job!

We kickstarted the campaign with interactive, conversational banner ads that prompt individuals to think deeper about their career goals and problems they may be encountering along the way.

The conversations help job seekers define their "trouble spots" or areas of dissatisfaction, such as lack of confidence to switch industries, poor awareness of job search tools, or even a lack of response from potential employers.

After determining the problem, the conversations offer helpful resources and solutions to help job seekers address their concerns.

Check out some sample conversations below!

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