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Careers Connect Campaign

In the wake of COVID-19, many Singaporeans have lost their jobs and are struggling to find new employment. Careers Connect seeks to help these unemployed Singaporeans reinvigorate their job search journeys and rediscover the confidence to seize employment opportunities in their path.

The campaign focuses on PMETs aged 30-59, who fall into these 3 categories:

  1. They are not up-to-date on job search skills and trends

  2. They are concerned about irrelevance in their area of expertise or experience, and feel hesitant to explore emerging industries

  3. They are experiencing unsuccessful job search and their state of unemployment is lasting for too long

We've created a targeted social media campaign that asks important questions, encourages the target audience to reflect on own strengths and weaknesses, and offers a meaningful solution that will help connect job seekers with new jobs. Check out Phase 1 of the campaign below!

Gosh is excited to work with Workforce Singapore (WSG) on this ongoing project. Stay tuned for more from the campaign!


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